12 Simple Rules for Stock Market Success

  • Are you thinking about how to invest in penny shares?
  • Or looking at what shares to buy?
  • Then read on for some invaluable advice from stock market expert Sean Keyes that will help you stay ahead of the majority of investors…

Dear Investor,

To select companies with massive growth potential, you do not have to be a genius. Nor do you have to get EVERYTHING right – you simply have to make better choices than the average investor.

And it’s easier than you might think…

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But for now let me give you a just a tiny sample of what I will cover in these guides, by encapsulating all you need to know in twelve simple rules.

Try To Understand The Numbers

Every business is simply a means to make money, and it is through the amount that each makes that success and failure is judged. The stock market, for all its inefficiencies and swings of sentiment, is the place where businesses are valued and consequently their share prices are determined…

Beware The Good Idea

It is true that every successful company starts out as somebody’s good idea. But it is also true that a great many supposedly good ideas never become a commercial success. The world of small companies is full of business ‘start-ups’ that are trying to turn a good idea into a money-spinner.

Be wary…

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Don’t Ignore The Balance Sheet

Most investors understand about profits and about earnings per share. In other words they understand the Profit and Loss Account. But not many ever look beyond this to the balance sheet. The balance sheet is crucial for two reasons…

Worry About The Business, Not The Share Price

If a company achieves a profit for shareholders and then grows that profit, the share price will go up. This sounds and is a simple fact. And yet it is all too easy to allow the machinations of the share price to distract us from the progress of the company…

Do Some Research

Far too many inexperienced investors buy shares on a whim. Somebody gives them a tip. They read a paragraph in a newspaper. But how much do they really know…

Stick To What You Know

The stock market offers an enormous range of investment opportunities. From mining in Bolivia to bio-science. From growing oranges in China to the treatment of hazardous waste. You simply cannot invest in all of these things, so you need some way to sort them out…

Be Patient

One of the beauties of the stock market is that, thanks to the volatility of share prices and the flow of new companies, fresh opportunities appear each day. If you wait you will eventually find a company you like at a price you are prepared to pay…

Don’t Be Scared Of The Market

Buy Low! Sell High! It’s not such a bad idea, is it? Buying shares when everyone else is selling is not easy. And yet it is just common sense. So don’t be frightened of the ups and downs…

Don’t Mind Losses

If you think that every investment you ever make will be a winner, then I can assure you – you are wrong. The greatest investors ever have had their fair share of losers…

Back Good Companies

Invest in good companies, not in bad companies! Sounds obvious, does it not? And yet there are plenty of bad companies quoted on the stock market…

Keep Costs To A Minimum

I cover the associated costs in full in my starter guides. A decent investment return is 10% per year. If you can achieve that over time you will do better than 99% of savers…

Persevere And Have The Courage Of Your Convictions!

There is no better way of building the value of your savings than by investing in the stock market. Believe me, if there was a better way I would be doing it…

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