Penny Share Tip #6:

A big data play that could double your money by 2018

JAN 2016

I’m so excited about this month’s Penny Share Letter tip I can hardly bring myself to wait to tell you about it.

It’s a smart ‘big data’ company that’s already doing great things in one of the hottest industries in the investing world.

The NHS uses it to make sure it doesn’t hire criminals…

Harrods uses it to help foreign customers ship their parcels…

And gambling websites use its services to ensure their customers are real people and over 18.

In short, these guys are in the business of knowing everything about everyone…

And using electoral rolls, utility bills and driving records, its CEO says he can verify the identity of half the world’s population quickly and simply online.

I believe it has what it takes to double in value over the next two years – and you can discover the full story when you take a 365-day no obligation trial to The Penny Share Letter.

If you act fast, you can make sure you’re one of the very first people to hear about it.

So, to discover why I believe this tiny ‘big data’ outfit has what it takes to double in value by 2018…

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