A Guide to Penny Shares

The world of penny shares can seem complicated and daunting when you have no one to point you in the right direction. My name is Sean Keyes, the editor of The Penny Share Letter, and my aim is to give you a complete guide to penny shares.

I will take you through the whole process. From discovering penny share companies, to buying penny shares, valuing share prices and knowing when to sell.

Of course, penny shares are riskier than big name stocks. But with bigger risks come much bigger rewards…

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I’m sure like many people that are interested in investing in shares you have many questions. The type of questions will depend on the amount of experience you have, but my service will answer all your questions, whatever they may be, and give you the knowledge and confidence to invest in the exciting world of penny shares.

What are shares?

Well, as their name suggests, if you hold shares you own a share of a company… Read more

Where do I buy shares?

The best return comes from the Stock Market… Read more

How do I buy and sell shares?

When you want to buy and sell shares, you have to do this through a stockbroker. First of all, you’ll need to set up an account. This is easy… Read more

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