Penny Share Tip #1:

The company that’s going to save UK railways


The UK railway system is complex.

There are 2,500 stations across the country… every driver needs to end the shift at his home station… there are a variety of types of train, with a different driver’s licence needed for each one… some trains aren’t compatible with certain routes… maintenance crews need to be in the right place to work on the right trains… there are old workplace rules leftover from British Rail days… union rules limiting shift length… union rules requiring breaks…

To keep this all running takes A LOT of organisation, problem solving and most importantly ‘resource optimisation’.

And, there’s one tiny UK company that’s in the prime position to help optimise the railways. In fact, it looks able to crack resource optimisation problems which have previously been considered unsolvable.

When you consider the rail industry in the UK spends more than £12bn running a system which employs 190,000 workers. A company like the one I’ll share with you today which could shave millions of those costs could become extremely valuable indeed.

Now is the time to invest in this little-known company, while their shares are priced very low.

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