Penny Share Tip #2:

This wheeler-dealer could be the future of online money


Making it simple, fast and cheap to send money around the world is about the oldest and the biggest problem on the internet. The company that builds a modern, cheap, efficient system will be worth billions (if it ever happens). And the tiny company I’m going to recommend today… is not going to be the one to solve it.

Instead, this company does the sensible thing and focuses on improving the payments process in one specific industry. It prides itself on its ability to process payment faster than the competition in this industry. It boasts that it can process a rate of 300 transactions per second, with almost zero down time. All in an industry that’s got A LOT of money up for grabs in it.

In fact, the industry is currently worth £7.1bn and it grew by £327m last year alone. Under the Labour government, Britain was the first to deregulate the industry. And it has exploded in popularity since it was deregulated.

This tiny company has the potential to go BIG – now is the time to buy its shares. They’re currently priced at pennies.

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