Penny Share Tip #5:

Could the “Ryanair of builders” triple in value by 2019?

December 15

In December 15’s Penny Share Letter I look at a tiny construction company I’m calling the “Ryanair of builders”.

It’s found a profitable niche that more established companies find it really hard to compete in…

And its plans for expansion into new parts of the UK could see it more than triple the number of new homes it builds per year by 2019.

This is a forecast.I reckon it could triple in value in that time…

And you can see how to get the full story right here.

Now, Ryanair has just one jet in 1987. Today, they’re the third biggest airline in the world…

And, just like Ryanair, this company offers a “no frills” low cost service that appeals to ordinary working class people.

I know most people wouldn’t even think to invest in a company like this, but sometimes it’s exciting opportunities in unfashionable industries that make the best investments…

And once you’ve looked through my research, I reckon you’ll be just as excited about it as I am – like this reader was:

“I would just like to congratulate [you]. I thought it was an interesting and well written article. Initially I took some convincing… However, I decided to put it through my normal research process, which is very thorough. Most companies don’t even make it to the end of the process, but this one did, and it came out very well… Keep up the good work!”
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