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February 2016

  • Penny Share Letter - Feb 16 IssueThis high tech construction company looks like a bargain – there’s no way a share this promising should be so cheap!
  • What are cyclical stocks, and when is the right time to buy them?
  • How to invest in volatile markets – and what they mean for your portfolio

January 2016

  • Penny Share Letter - Jan 2016 IssueBig Brother is watching you: the tiny company with access to far more information than any of its “big data” rivals
  • News of a big contract win for our fleet management pick
  • A new acquisition sends our rail optimisation play soaring

December 2015

  • Penny Share Letter - Dec 16 IssueThe “Ryanair of builders” and its plan to conquer the North
  • Why a “Tory tailwind” looks set to help this month’s pick until at least 2021
  • How to protect your investing profits from the taxman with an ISA

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