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“I’d like to start and give you a massive thank you for your work! I am new to all this and have been thinking many years about getting in to the small cap market. I have read many issues and it is a huge welcome to know that at your magazine you are endeavouring to produce a helpful program to help in the fight to find the strong from the weak.” – Rick

“Sean… your new strategy seems to be going great guns, I am pleased to be taking your advice. Thanks” – KR

“I would just like to congratulate the writer of the piece about ……... I thought it was an interesting and well written article.

Initially I took some convincing that a low cost house builder could make a good investment. However, I decided to put it through my normal research process, which is very thorough. Most companies don’t even make it to the end of the process, but this one did, and it came out very well.

[When The Penny Share Letter launched]I had thought about cancelling my subscription, rather than keeping it going for The Penny Share Letter. Now I know that I made the right decision in subscribing to The Penny Share letter.

Keep up the good work!” – Paul S

“This has a fantastic feel about it.” – Steve

“Hello Sean like the new design and start to The Penny Share Letter well done…” – Tony

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